I'm Tonia and this is my family. There's Hubs, my wonderful partner; Bug, my darling daughter; and Boo, my charming son. We are the Collins clan. We are a homeschooling family who try our best to live out God's will for our lives every day. There are lots of stumbles along the way, but we love each other and this little life we're carving out for ourselves. Recently we found ourselves called to make some big changes in our lives so we're packing up the McMansion and moving out to a little farm in need of a lot of TLC. We have tons to learn and tons to do and we invite you to share the journey as we turn our not-so-new heap into a home.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Month in Review

One month....

30 days.....

Our lives have been turned upside down, and in a peculiar way, finally set right side up. Lessons have been learned, but more than that, we've come to find ourselves living more the way we always meant to in the first place.

I can't help but look back over our past life and wonder how in the world we ever got there. It's not as if we sat down and plotted out a plan to have too much stuff that cost us too much money and made us slaves to jobs we didn't enjoy while simultaneously taking us away from our children. We just did what everyone we knew was doing and really never thought to question it.

Inline image 1
After a gigantic garage sale that lasted 4 days we still had this much stuff to take to Goodwill

We meant to keep God at the center of our lives.

We purposed to educate our children ourselves and help them be firmly rooted in the truth.

We said our marriage and our family had priority over everything else.

But somehow stuff and bills and mortgage payments edged their way in. Somehow we found ourselves always working, never having quite enough, and all of the important things getting our scraps of time, attention, and devotion.

It was never supposed to be this way.....

Life in 800 square feet is a lot different from life in 3600 square feet.

Life in the Heap means we're together. For real. And you'd better learn to get along, treat each other with love and respect, and develop some serious patience.

Life in the Heap means everyone works, and works hard. Everyone does their part. We are a team and we're all working for the same thing- each other.

Life in the Heap means you'll be learning new things every day. You'll probably be doing things you never, ever thought you would. You might as well slap on a smile and charge up your sense of humor now, it's about to get very, very real.

Life in the Heap means gratitude  and recognizing that no amount of stuff will ever be better than what we have right now.

I never would've dreamed that a dirty little farmhouse in the middle of the country would set our priorities back in order, but here we are 1 month in and I can say that's exactly what has happened. We are truly happy, connected, and hopeful.

Life is good.



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