I'm Tonia and this is my family. There's Hubs, my wonderful partner; Bug, my darling daughter; and Boo, my charming son. We are the Collins clan. We are a homeschooling family who try our best to live out God's will for our lives every day. There are lots of stumbles along the way, but we love each other and this little life we're carving out for ourselves. Recently we found ourselves called to make some big changes in our lives so we're packing up the McMansion and moving out to a little farm in need of a lot of TLC. We have tons to learn and tons to do and we invite you to share the journey as we turn our not-so-new heap into a home.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Resolved: I will acknowledge technology as the tool it is meant to be. I will not allow it to distract me, destroy my peace, or create feelings of discontent and/or disharmony.

I've come to really appreciate Paul's instruction in Titus 2, that younger women should be "busy at home". When I'm working on things that really matter I am more content and more peaceful. When I let Facebook distract me I end up with hurt feelings or I find myself judging people and feeling disgusted with them. These are not qualities I want to feed. Over the past few months I've changed how I deal with Facebook, emails, and the internet in general......

* Anyone who isn't immediate family or someone I interact with on a regular basis is "unfollowed". The brutal truth is I don't need to know where the girl I sat behind in high school history class went on vacation and I sure don't need to know she thinks all conservatives are brain dead and should be shipped to a desert island. Facebook can be useful for knowing the day to day details of close friends....and using that knowledge to help them, but when it takes me an hour to check in with everyone and I leave with a pain in my heart, things have gone too far.

* Notifications in all groups are shut off. Only groups that serve a very specific purpose are followed at all.  If I have a specific question about a specific topic the groups I am a part of can be very helpful, but they can be a huge time waster otherwise.

* Emails and Facebook are checked twice a day- morning and evening. I'm not nearly as important as I like to think I am and anybody who needs an immediate answer from me should have a more direct way of contacting me. When I'm on the computer I'm not doing something else I could be accomplishing. All of real life happens far away from the computer.

Resolved: I will live in peace about my decisions. I do not need to justify them and I do not need to convince anyone that they are good. As long as I'm walking in God's will I am free.

From homeschooling to drinking raw milk, every decision we have made for our family has been made thoughtfully, prayerfully, and after much research. I have spent way too much time carrying the baggage of other people's judgement and it steals my peace and my joy. At the end of the day, that's not their fault- it's mine. I can live in gratitude and contentment or I can live on the defensive- I choose gratitude.

Resolved: I will make the most of every day with my children and treat this job as the calling it is. I will not apologize for investing my time and energy into them- these moments are fleeting and the most important things are happening right now.

What I do day by day is making all the difference to two people in this world. It's not wasted time and it's not unimportant. It also impacts an infinite number of others in ways I may never know. I have a necklace that says, "Raising Generations" on it- and that's exactly what I'm doing. What my kids learn today they will teach tomorrow. With everything I have I will teach them to love God, love family, and live in gratitude.

I'm excited to see what 2015 brings for the Heap! Blessings to you and yours in the New Year!


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