I'm Tonia and this is my family. There's Hubs, my wonderful partner; Bug, my darling daughter; and Boo, my charming son. We are the Collins clan. We are a homeschooling family who try our best to live out God's will for our lives every day. There are lots of stumbles along the way, but we love each other and this little life we're carving out for ourselves. Recently we found ourselves called to make some big changes in our lives so we're packing up the McMansion and moving out to a little farm in need of a lot of TLC. We have tons to learn and tons to do and we invite you to share the journey as we turn our not-so-new heap into a home.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Praise the Lord- we have water!

That beautiful stream of clear, clean H20 also means we have an operating toilet.....which I decided you didn't really need to see. Hubs had a taste of the water tonight (from the sink, not the toilet) and said it tastes okay. We were a little worried about rural water and if it might taste icky, but nope- it's good. I'm so relieved. We are 3 days away from moving day and the reality of that outhouse was getting a little too close for comfort. We still don't have hot water as we're waiting for the hot water tank to come in, but that's okay- I can totally live with that.
While we're on the topic of improvements, may I introduce you to my new friend?

It was a desperate move. We were in Lowe's for the millionth time in just a few days when we walked past the cleaning aisle and I thought I'd check to see if they had anything to help get the funky smell out of the Heap. Removing the carpet helped a lot, but there was still some pretty bad stink going on. They had the usual air freshener things and Febreze, of course, but I didn't want anything like that. All they do is perfume the air and leave you with the smell of flowers AND stink. No thanks. Then I saw this stuff- ZorbX. It doesn't have any strange ingredients and it really has no odor on its own. It was worth a shot. I sprayed down every floor in the house with it last night and hoped for the best. Today when we walked in both the Hubs and I were surprised to discover it was remarkably less smelly. Hooray! I sprayed it all down again tonight so I'm anxious to see how much better it is tomorrow. Obviously, I highly recommend this stuff....if it can make the Heap smell decent then your gym bag, dog bed, whatever is NO match for it. Really.

Clean water...clean air....we've got it made now!




  1. Your Hubs gave me the link to your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. Looking forward to meeting you one of these days.


    1. Thanks so much Jan! Looks like we'll be meeting up soon for some shooting practice!